Through our ministries of prayer, healing, education and pastoral care, the Sisters facilitate a wholistic life approach to all whom we encounter. But while our Sisters have dedicated their lives to this mission of love, we need your financial support to continue out to those who need us most!

Sister Lucy

Vocation Prayer

Lead me to the fullness of truth, by life of selfless service and dedication. Let me know clearly the state of life you are calling me to. Grant me every Grace I need to respond to your call with courage, love and lasting dedication.

Joy of consecration, saying Yes to God;
All we do is for the,
Glory of God
Salvation of Souls
Joy of the Person

Support Sisters of Mary Immaculate

Will you help us as we reach out to those who have suffered so much?

Our MotherEvery day - in cities, towns and villages - homeless, orphaned children come begging to our Sisters... asking for a crust of bread or a cup of milk. Nearly every day, our Sisters receive word about another elderly man or women who lay dying on the dirt floor of a mud hit. And every day, our Sisters rely on someone like to help them reach out to those who have nothing!

With your gift of $32, our Sisters working in Kenya can buy enough basic medical supplies to care for three children for one month!

A donation of $55 will provide enough rice and beans to feed 100 children living in one of our orphanages in Nairobi, Kenya, for one week!

A gift of $120 would help our Sisters working in Uganda purchase anti-malaria medicine for your children as well as provide food supplements for boys and girls who are severely malnourished.

The Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate need your financial support to reach out to those who are suffering most! While many kind and caring individuals send cash and checks to support our work, other giving options include charitable gift annuities, stock, real estate and insurance policies. We are also eligible to receive funds through employer matching gift programs.

The Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate are a non-profit, religious organization registered in the United States of America. Donations made to Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate are tax-exempt as defined by section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.